What Is A Blog?

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a kind of site that centers fundamentally around articles and text, otherwise called blog posts. In the mainstream we frequently hear of news blogs or travel blogs, however as you’ll find in our guide, you can begin a successful blog on basically any topic.


Bloggers frequently write from an individual point of view that permits them to associate wholly with their readers. Moreover, most blogs additionally have a “comments” area where readers can compare with the blogger, creating a reading experience they are unlikely to get in the mainstream media. Talking directly with readers in the comments area is one way that readers will become fully engaged and more likely to become a regular reader of your blog posts.


This immediate association with the reader is one of the primary advantages of beginning a blog. This association permits you to connect with your readers/customers in a way that can be hard to replicate on other platforms. It likewise permits you to generate trust with your readers. Having the trust and reliability of your readers additionally opens up the entryway to bringing in money from your blog, which is something that is discussed in detail in our blogging guide.

To get started blogging, view our guide on how to create a blog.


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