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Run Your Own Website Or Blog

Run Your Own Website Or Blog

In our mind at the top of the list for ways to generate a passive income, is a blog or website. There are many ways a blog or a website can produce passive income. Some of which include selling products, services, providing information, or affiliate marketing.

Having advertisements on your blog is an excellent passive income revenue choice. Depending on the advertising company you work with, and the products or services you plan to promote, you will easily have several revenue opportunities available to you.

Some advertising companies pay for each ‘click’ on their advert, this is known as “cost per click” or CPC for short. Other types of affiliate marketing will only pay after a user, which has originated from your blog or website, completes a task, for example entering a valid email, or purchasing a product.

Although blogs, as well as websites, do take some time to create, they can be easily managed once up and running. Just make sure from time to time that you publish new content. This will keep your website more visible to users.

To start your own blog or website you will need to invest your time, which initially rules this method out as a form of passive income. However, once a blog or website is up and running, a blog or website can provide unequaled opportunities. In a lot of cases, bloggers and website owners have generated an income of well over $10,000 per month.

It is also worth noting that this method, unlike stock trading, or property rentals doesn’t require such a large upfront payment. With a few dollars, you can easily set up your own blog or website.

If you would like to set up a blog or a website, we have a full tutorial on how to do this. This guide can be found under “Courses” – “Blogging” – “Guide To Blogging


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