Earning royalties is another great way to passively earn money online. That’s because you get paid for work that you have done every time a new business wants to use your work.

Let’s say that you are a skilled musician. You can create several musical pieces, such as jingles before uploading them to sound hosting websites. Now each time someone wants to use your music, you will earn royalties from sales.

That means that royalties can last forever. One example of this is the Christmas song market, the group Slade created their Christmas single “Merry Xmas Everybody” back in 1973, this song alone to this day generates £1million ($1,284,500) per year.

Another royalty earning opportunity comes in the form of writing. If you are a talented writer, you may be able to write for websites that will host your work, once your work is online, any revenue generated from the same page your article is on, may provide you with a portion of profits made from that specific page.

Our final tip for passive income royalty earnings is that of stock photography. If you are a skilled photographer, you can easily upload your work to websites such as iStockphoto.

Once your work is on these websites, business owners, as well as bloggers, will pay to use this content in their blog, website, or even in their books

Every time someone buys the rights to use one of your photos, you will get paid.

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