How To Create A Blog Free In 2020

How To Create A Blog Free In 2020

This guide will bring you through the steps to get a free blog up and running to start you off with a personalized blog. Before we begin we would ask you to reconsider the paid approach. This is not to earn money for ourselves but rather a tip. Custom hosting and your custom website will offer much, much more than any free blog will ever offer. This customization can change how likely or unlikely readers will be to come back to your blog. Success rates with custom domains are much higher than that of free blogs. If you are considering blogging seriously then the clear favorite option will be the paid hosting.

With that being said if you are just looking to test out blogging to see if you like it then you can get a free blog up and running in a matter of minutes. As we have had experience with multiple free blogging platforms over the years, today we will be recommending and using Blogger is a free service that is owned by Google, and as such has some built-in features that will come in useful, such as the options for monetization among others.

To get started navigate over to If you have a Google account already then the signup process will be easy. If you do not have an account yet you can always sign up for one for free.

Once you are in your blog you will want to click on “Themes” in the left-hand navigation bar. Once you are in themes you will be presented with several theme options, these will form the design of your blog, for quite an important reason which we will come to, we would recommend using the “Notable” theme.

The reason for this suggestion is that this theme holds quite a lot of content on a single page, meaning that when search engines are crawling your blog, they will pick up more content and more keywords. The more keywords that are picked up, generally the more likely you are to rank in search engines and get discovered by more readers.

Now all that is left to do is start writing! You can create separate pages if you want to blog about several different categories, however, we recommend keeping your content under the same umbrella. What do we mean by this? If you are blogging about Fitness, then having a page about cars will really serve no purpose. Instead in this example, you could create separate pages for fitness plans, fitness meals, etc.


If you like the idea of blogging and can spare less than $5 a month then once again we would recommend that you follow the paid version. The monetization of any online content is dependent on traffic, with any free blogging platforms, you are unlikely to get this exposure and are almost guaranteed not to succeed. Instead, plan to win and start off on the right path to a successful future in blogging with your own custom blogging domain.

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