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Easy Passive Income Opportunities You Can Do From the Comfort of Home

Did you ever want to earn a passive income?

We also wondered the same thing for several years!


This was until we actually starting building our own passive income portfolio. Today we will share with you some easy passive income ideas you can do from the comfort of your own home.

The great thing about passive or residual income is that once you invest a small amount of money and/or work into it, you can automate it.

That automation means you won’t have to invest any further time into this project in order to generate income.  In other words, you can get paid for years to come, all based on the work that you do today.

The most successful people in the world are always looking for new innovative ways to earn money like this, this is down to the fact that it will allow them to create something today, before moving onto the next project tomorrow. Over time these different streams of income add up and will in some cases lead to millions of dollars being earned for generally not that much actual physical work.

Most people would tend to agree that time is more valuable than money. This is down to the fact that money comes and goes, but you can never get, or buy back time.


With the right passive income ideas, you can make a lot of money, through methods that will ultimately save you time. This is why passive income is so beneficial. In any other form of work, normally there is a trade-off between time and money, but with some great passive income ideas, these two pillars can co-exist.

This is down to the fact that you are decreasing any dependency that you have on your regular work income, therefore lowering the number of hours you must physically work. At the same time, as time goes on you will be increasing the amount of money that you make through multiple income streams.

With the right passive income ideas, you could end up being in a position to take early retirement, pay off your house early, or treat yourself to a more expensive lifestyle.

Having Multiple Streams of Passive Income

passive income

We talk a lot on this site about generating multiple streams of passive income. Having multiple streams of passive income is important as it can be thought of in a similar way to having an insurance policy, if one of your streams of income is for some reason or another effected by global events then you will likely be left in a worse off position, albeit a better position than if you had just one form of income.

For example, if your only income source is your daily 9 to 5 job, and for whatever reason, that job is affected, you’re left without any other sustainable source of income.

With this in mind, if you create three, four, five, or even more sources of income, losing your 9-to-5 job wouldn’t be as big of a hit to your financial stability.

With some entrepreneurs, these methods have got to the point where their 9 to 5 jobs became obsolete. This means that they work entirely on new, innovative projects to generate all of their income. In fact, statistics have proven that on average millionaires have 7 streams of income.

So let’s take a look at some of those passive income opportunities you can take advantage of from the comfort of your own home.


Here are a few different ways that you can build new income streams:

Dividend Investing

Rental Properties

Run Your Own Website 



Real Estate Crowdfunding

Flipping Domains

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