YouTube Course

YouTube is easily one of the biggest success stories in history. The power of YouTube cannot be underestimated. Having a solid YouTube channel is a great way to earn money as well as promote your branding, products, and services.


To put YouTube in perspective, they are the world’s second-largest search engine, which happens to be owned by the world’s largest search engine (Google). As YouTube (just like Google) want to provide users with quality material, a well placed and well run YouTube presence can unleash the power of this platform in your favor.


Although we cannot rank your videos or your channel for you, we can provide you with guidance on proven methods of boosting your presence on YouTube. This includes guides on how to perform research specifically around content ideas and keywords. We will also show you how to correctly use hashtags, and YouTube video schema. These techniques will provide the solid grounding you need to start building a successful YouTube channel.


By taking on our guidance, you stand a higher chance of being displayed to more viewers. The more views your video gets, the higher it may rank, so really once you get into this top tier, the powers of YouTube will generally operate in your favor and do the heavy lifting after this point. We aim to show you how you can get your videos into that area.


Our guide will walk you through a few steps, including:

  1. How to set up a professional-looking YouTube channel,
  2. How to post a video,
  3. Steps to take before making a video,
  4. Promoting your video,
  5. Tag research,
  6. Keyword research,
  7. Other important steps to take to avoid copyright, including creative commons.


Finally, we will show some more advanced techniques such as video schema which will boost your video rankings and will ultimately lead to more views.


This course is still being made. Check back in a few days for the full YouTube Guide.

YouTube FAQ:

  • How do I rank a video on YouTube?

YouTube works in the same way that regular search engines work. Albeit with different parameters to measure ranking. This means that by understanding what YouTube wants to see and using this to your advantage, you can rank your video’s higher in YouTube. Two of the ranking factors is user engagement and how watched a video is. Once a video is getting views, and hopefully lots of likes YouTube will automatically believe your video is worth watching, and will therefore more likely show it as a top video for specific search terms, also known as keywords. This means that the hardest part of ranking a YouTube video is at the beginning. Once YouTube recognises your video and sees that other users like this video, the powers of YouTube will actually do the work for you.


  • How do I get more followers?

Unfortunately this factor is out of your control, but not entirely! You can help push your video across social media platforms, websites and blogs to get those viewers interested. If you have great content then the followers are more likely to click that “subscribe” button. Once again the more viewers you have, the more likely you are to gain followers. So in basic terms the higher you rank your videos, the more views you will get, which will lead to more followers on YouTube.


  • How do I know what videos to create?

This is a question that will be answered in full in our YouTube course. As this is quite a long answer, we will answer this question in full in the coming days when our guide launches.


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