Websites & Webdesign

Websites & Webdesign


The cornerstone really of having any form of online presence will come from having a website. This presence will allow you to implement a multitude of passive income ideas and is the foundation of all of our online-based passive income schemes.


Our website guide will show you how to create your website, the programs to use, and the basics of how to get started. Our guide will take you through step by step how to get up and running with your very own website and web hosting.


Once you are established we will guide you through the web design process. How to customize your website so that you can make your online store or blog specific to your own custom needs. This process can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be, our guide will show both free and paid services to achieve your goals.


Our website guide is relevant to both setting up a blog, as well as a general website where you can have a store or possibly a review site that is based on affiliate marketing. Your website and domain will be the cornerstone and foundations of your success, follow our guide to ensure you have everything set up correctly to maximize your traffic.


This course is a stand-alone course that will only focus on how to create a website. This guide will not show you how to make money but rather get your website online. Once this is done you can take one of our other passive income courses to learn how to turn your website into a money-making machine.


This course will teach you:

  1. How to set up hosting,
  2. How to install WordPress,
  3. How to change your WordPress theme,
  4. How to create a post in WordPress,
  5. How to create a page in WordPress,
  6. What pages are a must,
  7. Content ideas,
  8. Content writing.

Once you have completed this guide you will be fully set up with your very own custom website, custom domain name, and know-how to create posts and pages. This matched with our section on content ideas and content writing will mean that you will now possess all the skills necessary to continue building your website.


With these new skills, you can go on to earn money by following our courses such as affiliate marketing, or any other passive income plan that can be implemented on your new website.


Website Course FAQ:

  • Do I have to pay for this website and web design course?

This course is completely free, however, to follow this guide you will be required to purchase your domain name and hosting, this is explained further in our guide.


  • Why should I create a website?

Many online passive income strategies will involve a website. If you are looking to earn passive income online, or even turn this into a full-time job, then a website is the foundation of everything. Without the website, the rest simply does not work.


  • Do I have to use BlueHost?

You don’t have to Blue Host for your hosting, you may use whichever hosting company you wish to use. With that being said the reliability and support available on Blue Host are second to none and are easily among the top hosting companies, if not the best hosting company online.


  • How long will this guide take?

The entire guide will take you less than 30 minutes. If you want to do things even quicker, this guide is split into 2 distinct groups. The first part is dedicated to getting your website online, the second part is more to do with the content that will be contained on that website. This means if you want you can follow the first part and then come back at a later date or time for part two!


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