Dropshipping has been and still is, one of the all-time favorites of entrepreneurs looking to generate additional income streams. Due to the relatively easy methods used to create a dropshipping business, many individuals have jumped at the chance to generate profits and add additional passive income sources to their portfolio.


As with any money-making exercise we would warn against watching the “get rich quick” videos which have now plagued platforms such as YouTube with regards to dropshipping. Some of these videos do promote illicit forms of business, that will ultimately result in tax implications, fraud, or possibly other legal action being taken against you.


Our dropshipping guide will not promote the “get rich quick” ideology but rather how to build a company that will last the test of time. This means your store will generate income over the coming years and provide a stable, sustainable income stream.


Although the strategy of dropshipping has remained consistent over the years, the methods that lead to successful dropshipping have changed drastically. With the likes of Amazon’s 24-hour delivery, it can be impossible to use older techniques in 2020 and will only become more difficult in the future. Our guide to dropshipping will show you the dropshipping methods for 2020, 2021, and beyond.


With our drop shipping guide, you will be better equipped to succeed. Become one of the 10% success stories, rather than the estimated 90% of failures in start-ups.


As we provide this guide to users based all around the world, we cannot comment on specific tax or legal rules in certain areas of the world. By all means, ask us any questions you would like, and we will answer you as best we can.


Our guide will show you how to source products for your store. The dropshipping methods we use are key to a successful store selling products in 2020, and will continue to be a great method for dropshippers in 2021, and further into the future.


Dropshipping services can generate more money, and more profits for you, the dropshipper. We will show you how you can get set up and create your very own specialized dropshipping store, even if you do not have specialized qualifications!


In our course we will cover the following:

  1. How to get a store up and running,
  2. Shopify,
  3. Oberlo,
  4. Using Amazon to source products,
  5. Dropshipping services rather than products,
  6. Generating traffic to your dropshipping store,
  7. Facebook ads,
  8. Google ads,
  9. Pinterest & Pinterest advertising.

Our dropshipping guide will be in the form of blog posts, this will ensure all the latest topics are covered in a timely manner when significant changes are made to this form of passive income. 

You can view our dropshipping posts here.