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5 Best Web Hosting 2020/2021

What Are The Top 5 Web Hosting Companies

For The Remainder Of 2020 & Into 2021?

To answer this question, we recently sent out a questionnaire to our subscribers. This was after a question was asked about our blogging guide. Although we used BlueHost for this guide, realistically any web hosting server is capable of hosting your WordPress blog. Following on from this question, we realized that we have only ever used 2 different hosting services, with that being said, we needed the help of our readers. We simply asked, “What is the best web hosting company for the remainder of this year, and into next year?”


Here are the results of that questionnaire:

Domain.Com has once again been voted by our readers as the top hosting service for 2020. Offering a range of services from domain registration, to VPS hosting. Domain.com has some great prices on hosting plans, this fact, paired with excellent customer service, means that Domain.com just about clinches the top spot. To view the latest offers here are some easy links to find the relevant service:

Domain.com, Domain Names, Domains, Hosting


BlueHost.com has come in second place, after scoring highly among readers. With quality hosting and great customer service, we are not surprised that BlueHost has scored such high marks with readers.


Another entry that doesn’t surprise us too much. iPage.com is potentially the cheapest hosting available right now. With that being said their service is far from cheap. This web hosting is probably the top pick for those that have an extremely tight budget. Usually cheap does not equal good, but in the case of iPage, it seems like these two factors can easily co-exist. It is no wonder that iPage comes in at 3rd place.

iPage has Outstanding Uptime and Performance


Inter Server is one of those places that just has everything, once again with extreme prices. Possibly the lowest VPN hosting we have ever seen. At InterServer it is possible to get all the perks that usually come with high premium companies, all without the cost associated with this style of hosting.


No surprises here. LiquidWeb is still on this list of the top web hosting companies. The only surprise is that they are not further up the list. Although we haven’t looked too much into this, we imagine this place is down to their pricing, however with the unbeatable service and features offered by LiquidWeb, it would appear that this company is essentially the ‘premium’ option when it comes to web-hosting providers, including specific packages for WordPress, WooCommerce and more.


We would strongly recommend LiquidWeb to anyone looking for a new hosting service. If you would like to know more about Liquid Web and check out their long list of available subscriptions you can view their website here:




So, why have we chosen HostPapa? This answer is simple, we have been using HostPapa for quite a long time now, and as much as we like to criticize when we can, we cannot fault HostPapa in any way. Their customer help is unmatched, the technical support team is fast, helpful, and the overall quality of this company when you consider the full package means HostPapa is an incredible company to subscribe to.


With the quality of hosting, incredible customer service, a very reasonable price & a great technical support team, means that the offer available at HostPapa is overall a great deal. What is great about HostPapa is the fact that they are extremely easy to use and very helpful, so if any of our readers are not too technically literate, then this company will happily walk you through all the steps to take to get your website or blog up and running.


If you would like to view the latest deals at HostPapa you can do so here:

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